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Russian Sham Trials of Ukrainian Prisoners of War in Mariupol ‘Illegal and Unacceptable’

Any moves by Russian-backed armed groups to try Ukrainian prisoners of war in a so-called ‘international tribunal’ in Mariupol are illegal and abusive, and a further act of cruelty against a city that has already suffered extensively under Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, Amnesty International said today.

AIUSA Statement on the US Department of Defense Policy on Civilian Harm Prevention and Response

In response to today’s announcement from the U.S. Department of Defense on its new policy on civilian harm prevention and response, Daphne Eviatar, Security with Human Rights Director at Amnesty International USA, said:

AIUSA Statement on Six-Month Anniversary of War in Ukraine

The government of Russia must end its war of aggression in Ukraine, which began six months ago today, and the international community must hold those responsible for the Russian military’s war crimes accountable. The scale of devastation caused by this war of aggression thus far demands countries around the world do more to provide humanitarian assistance to the Ukrainian people still in country and those seeking refuge abroad.